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Electropolished Tube (EP Tube)

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Electropolished Tube (EP Tube)

Grade: SS304L, SS316L, SUS316L

Standards: SEMI F19-0304, ASME BPE-2012, ASTM B912-02

Sizes: 1/4" ~ 2" , 6mm ~ 60mm

Roughness: Ra≦0.25

Cr/Fe ratio:  ≥ 1.5

CrOX/FeOX:  ≥ 2.0

Oxide thickness t ≥ 1.5 nm ( t ≥15 ?)

Application: pharmaceutical, petrochemical, food and beverage, and semiconductor industries, etc.

Process Description: Through submersion in an electrically charged electrolyte solution bath, a smooth uniform surface is created by dissolving imperfections. This process removes any contamination on, or just below, making the surface bright and clean, bolstering the corrosion resistance of the stainless steel. Electropolishing has become a common process in the production of semiconductors, it’s particularly suitable for polishing the inside surface of small tubes. We produce qualified stainless steel bright annealed tubes and choose those in better condition as raw materials, Electropolishing removes material from a metallic workpiece, reducing the surface roughness by levelling micro-peaks and valleys, improving the surface finish, after passivation, EP tubes would be cleaned by ultrapure water, at last, each tube is purged with ultra-high purity (UHP) nitrogen, then capped, put in double plastic bags and sealed in ISO 6 clean room.